Saturday, August 27, 2011

Ghost Weaver

From time to time I wind up being a 'ghost weaver'.  In other words I weave for someone else.  In this instance I'm not doing the weaving, just dressing the loom for another guild member.

She wanted a 15 yard warp, which is about 3 yards longer than I can do on my warping board.  However another guild member had her large warping mill in the guild room so I asked if I could use it.  Here is the warp about 1/3 wound.  I made it a little bit longer.  Each side of the mill is 27" or about 3/4 of a yard.

Here is the warp all ready to go.

The warp went into a plastic bucket and then I started rough sleying.  The set on this warp will be 18 epi.  I used a 4 dent reed and sleyed four per dent except for every 8th dent where I put 8.  That's why it's called 'rough' sleying.  :)

Just beginning to beam the warp.  I split the warp chain into two because I don't have a warping valet to help hold the warp and I felt 18" was just too wide to try and weight with just one water jug.

And here it is - ready to thread.  I'll go back on Monday and do that.

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Evelyn said...

wow - what a nice thing to do for a fellow guild member!

Laura said...

Well, she's paying me to do it. :) She's a very busy lady and ran out of time to do it herself.