Sunday, August 7, 2011

Whittling Away the Pile

Energy levels are still low so I've been concentrating on low energy activities - spinning, getting inventory ready to ship, fringe twisting.  Napping.  I still have a mountain of twisting to do and a small hill of knotting on the silk gimp shawls to do, too.  But I've got enough of the silk gimp shawls ready for immediate sales so it's back to the twisting.

I weave some waste yarn to use as a cutting line, then roll the warp forward about 6" and weave in a few more picks of waste yarn.  The waste yarn nearest the weaving gets cut away in small amounts - about 3 to 4 inches worth at a time - then gets pulled out.  And then I twist all of the loose fringe before I pull out the next bit of waste yarn.

The book is an atlas and provides enough weight that I can pull against the cloth to keep the threads all nice and neatly in alignment while twisting.  I use a small hand held twister (manual, not battery) that Doug built for me, and count how many twists per bout.  If you can't be perfect, be consistent!  After wet finishing I trim the wisps of the yarn away so that the fringe looks like it's beaded, not fuzzy.

It's a lovely day today with the sun shining brilliantly.  Not too hot but finally, a taste of summer.  And the lovely brilliant reds/oranges/yellows of this shawl are happy colours, too.

P. S. - did you know it takes fewer muscles to smile than frown?  :)


Evelyn said...

Love the colours in that shawl. I did know that about smiling - good to have reminders though ;)

Judith said...

I would have trouble keeping up with you even on your "slow" days! I really love my Doug Fringe Twister. I was amazed how it saves my hands as I have been struggling with mild arthritis
in my right hand. It's a great help. :)

Sandra Rude said...

Ah, yes, the pile... Mine is shrinking, I hope yours is too! I'm embarrassed how long I've let some of the pile "age," but at least they're being dealt with now.

Laura said...

Nothing like a few deadlines rearing their heads to put a fire under me to get the finishing done! Glad the twister is helping, Judith. I'd be lost without mine. :) And a nice sunny day reminds me to smile, too.


Linda Ihle said...

Hi Laura! I'm curious as to how you tie the ends of your fringe? Do you use an overhand knot or I've seen some tie them with square knots that give a very finished look.


Laura Fry said...

I use an overhand knot. Others may do other things. Depends on the look you want?