Thursday, August 18, 2011

More of the Same

This treadling pleased me enough that I decided to weave a second item in the same treadling but with one of the darker green Fox Fibre wefts.  I think the pattern shows up a little more clearly - possibly because the colour value is just that much slightly darker than the last one.

One of the things that you have to do when you are trying to earn an income from making things is to show up for work.  Every day. 

You have to make working a priority.  And sometimes there are tasks involved that you don't much like or care to do but they need to be done and someone has to do them.  Most times that someone is you.

For me, the weaving is the fun part, the zen part, the part that, once I get into the 'groove' - well, the time just flies by.  Usually I put on a cd or cassette tape and when it ends I'm reminded to take a break.

Doesn't matter much what it is I'm weaving.  I just love to be weaving.  Some things I love more than others, naturally, but when I'm doing something that isn't on the top of my list of favourite things, it's usually because it is necessary to achieve the quality of cloth that I desire.

So it is with this cloth.  I decided that I really truly needed to use a temple.  Now I don't like using a temple because moving it forward every inch slows me down.  But in the long run I'm much happier with the results and once I get into the rhythm of 32 picks, move temple, it actually goes fairly quickly.  Faster than hand throwing, even.

So I finished the light brown weft cloth, partly because I have a potential client and she wanted the cloth shorter than what I'd planned, wound the pirns for the medium green and got nearly 20" of that woven before quitting for the night.

I even managed to do a tiny bit of paperwork and fringe twist.

All in all, a pretty good day.

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Nancy C said...

I really needed to read that!!! One of the things about a long recovery, which is what went on with my back-injury, is that you get into an inertia which is very hard to overcome, as a habit. I used to go into my studio at 9 and stay in there till 5 and got MUCHO done. Now I have to re-educate my life to get back there.