Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Inching Along

Finished off the light green Fox Fibre cloth and started the light brown.  Got about 18 inches woven before stopping for dinner.

This is another variation of Wall of Troy.  I'm very happy with the subtle undulations happening in the cloth which help to break up the very rigid stripes.  Not that I don't like stripes, but sometimes it's fun to have something 'other' happening visually to add interest to the cloth.  Especially for the intended purpose of this fabric.

(Still not ready for the big reveal - waiting for feedback from an end-user.)

Weaving has been progressing more slowly than I'd like, but the text edits for Magic are 95% done.  All that's left is the bibliography - and the bio, which I'd totally forgotten about and still need to do.  The rest of the pages have gone off to another pair of eyes because I'm not entirely trusting mine - nor my brain - at the moment.  :)  Besides, someone else always sees the typos more clearly than the person who wrote the text in the first place - their brain knows what it meant to say!

Yes, I'm using a temple on this cloth.  I tried without but wasn't entirely satisfied with the situation.  I finally broke down and ordered a temple last week and Maurice Brassard et fils and Canada Post co-operated in getting it to me on Monday. 

The really good news is that the loom is fixed - and as near as I can tell, no oil on the cloth.  I'll find out for sure once I cut it off the cloth storage roller.

Currently reading Monster in the Box by Ruth Rendell


Sandra Rude said...

Ooh! Ruth Rendel is terrific! And I still do love the effect of the Wall of Troy on stripes. Breaks up the stripes, and leads the eye astray.

Claudia Rizzi said...

It´s just beautiful! I loved the effect!