Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Sneak Preview

Although the photo looks blurry, this is pretty much how the cloth looks.  The white weft makes the cloth look very soft. 

This is another variation on Wall of Troy.

Since I'm still debugging the cloth I've used plain old ordinary 2/16 cotton rather than the Fox Fibre yarn.   And while I can't really tell if the temple is necessary yet I'm going to go ahead and order one in - just in case.  Can't have enough toys - er, tools!

After running the sample of the Fox Fibre weft through the washer/dryer 3 times, I cut that sample in half again and ran one piece through a few more times.  It has darkened slightly from the 3 times through and I'm not sure if I will test it any further or not.  I'll save the darkest brown yarn for a warp that is a mid-range tonal value rather than use it on this lighter tone stripe.  Instead I'll use some of the lighter values because even if they do darken they won't be as dark as the darker brown.  I don't like high value contrast as a rule.

So, cycle 5 is a 'go' and I'll be spending the afternoon reading tomorrow.  :)  Fortunately I just picked up a stack of books from the library so I've got lots to choose from.  The good news is that they will decrease the Vincristine (the most caustic of the chemicals) so my white cells should not be wiped out so drastically nor should there be numbness.  I asked the doctor if needing to decrease the Vincristine was a good thing and he said that it was.  So I'm really hoping hard that I will only need 6 cycles in total, not the maximum of 8.  They will do a scan after #6 to check for any evidence of disease and then I'll find out if more cycles will be needed.  With any luck I'll be done chemo by the time mom has her surgical date and I'll be able to accompany her to Vancouver.  But that will depend on when her surgery gets booked.  It looks like the 'interesting' times are going to continue for the rest of this year but with any luck at all both mom and I will begin the new year healthy!


Sandra Rude said...

All best wishes!

Peg Cherre said...

I keep sending positive thoughts your way. You're quite a woman, Laura!

Laura said...

Asked the nurse yesterday about the possiblity of finishing after #6 but she said they usually do all 8 just to be on the safe side - trying to get as many of those dratted rogue cells as possible. So I'm expecting to be done by mid-October - just in time for the craft fair season. :)