Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Stacking Up!

Recently I was reminded, or at least supported, in the concept of celebrating milestones.  This one seemed like an appropriate one to relish - a stack of completed ready to sell shawls.
The weaving of these shawls went like the proverbial hare.  The finishing, however, is proceeding like his opponent, the tortoise. 

What many people don't understand is that the basic construction of hand made items can go quite quickly.  The finishing details - well, quite often that takes as long - or longer!

So it seemed appropriate today - the day I was supposed to get my next chemo but my white cell count isn't good enough to go ahead and another week delay has happened - to remind myself that I have been accomplishing things.  That in spite of the current challenges I am not stymied in my life or my work.  That progress is being made, life goes on and that eventually I will see the end of this particular stretch of the road, just like I am beginning to see a dent in the pile of finishing that accumulated earlier in the year.

Later today I'll pack up some of these shawls and put them into the mail.  And then I'll get back to more fringe twisting.  I think I wove something like 58 shawls of this type.  I'm far from done with the fringe twisting, but at least the mountain is being eroded by working on it a little bit every day. 

For now it's back to the loom.  I need a little weaving/physical activity therapy today.


barbara said...

Well done Laura - you are to be admired at how you stick to you plan, as best you can, when life gets in the way. You are my "weaving hero"!!!! Weaverly yours ... Barbara

Gaye Sutton said...

You are amazing, Laura. You keep your feet on the path in truly heroic ways.
Take Care,

Rhonda from Baddeck said...

That's a beautiful pile of shawls - and a pile of beautiful shawls. It's good to have necessary work to do when your energy is low (or the loom is misbehaving). Hurray for progress - you're right to celebrate! (Thanks for the reminder)

Sherri Woodard Coffey said...

What a great picture! Loved seeing that stack of FINISHED weaving. Love tne comparison of finishing and the tortoise.