Thursday, August 18, 2011

Photos of Samples for Magic in the Water

after wet finishing above, before wet finishing below

Project number 5 is one of the more obvious differences in the before and after appearance of the cloth.  Not all cloth changes quite so dramatically. 

I spent an hour or so getting ready before my friend came over and then we spent some time getting the camera and samples where they needed to be, turned on the photographic light and between the two of us had quite an assembly line going.  What would have taken me several hours to do on my own, the two of us (many hands make light work) took about an hour.

Leaving everything set up we sat down for a visit, restorative cup of tea and some good chuckles.  Laughter truly is the best medicine!

Although I really wanted to do some weaving I decided not to procrastinate and get the rest of the job done in case I had to re-take any of the photos.

By the time I finished I was way too tired to try to do any weaving and decided to just wait until morning and cleared away the set up so that we could have our living room back before Doug got home from work.

There is still a great deal of work to be done by my webmaster but other than doing the bibliography and bio, I think my part is done.  Whew!


Rhonda from Baddeck said...

Congratulations! Getting that piece finished is probably a huge load off your shoulders. And it sounds like having a friend help was a win-win-win!

Laura said...

It definitely helped to have someone join in the fun. :) And yes, that task was beginning to feel like climbing Mt. Everest. So much better to *have* done it!


pamela said...

althoughi have a copy of magic in the water, thanks laura, i will buy the electronic copy for the additions and travel ease. pamela

pyhnations said...

I appreciate the effort that you're doing in making an electronic copy available. The photos are good, but could you please show a tape measure (either metric or English) next to each sample in the photos? It would be really nice to be able to see shrinkage too. Thanks!!!!

pyhnations said...

p.s. Actually, a cross of tape measures (warp and weft) in the before and after photos would be really helpful. Thanks!

Laura said...

Too late - the files are already sent off to the next stage....

I did photograph the samples on a one inch "grid" mat but the edges looked way too messy and I cropped back to show just the fabric.

As for shrinkage, each person's fabric will vary slightly depending on the actual epi/ppi they use, width in the reed, how much tension they weave with, their weave structure and so on.

My purpose in doing Magic was to inform people about the wet finishing processes and hopefully give them the information and tools to do appropriate wet finishing for their own fabrics.

The draft info was provided so that people could see what would happen in a specific instance and have a starting place to work from and go where they wanted to go in terms of developing their own designs/cloth.