Saturday, August 20, 2011

That Old Magic in the Water

light green on left, light brown on right before wet finishing

It truly felt like magic in the water!  The wefts before finishing were quite subtle.  After wet finishing they turned darker and took on a lot more definition.  And these are spun with just 25% of the naturally coloured cotton.

The colours may deepen further yet although I'm not sure because I haven't sampled them to test how far they will go.

Sometimes it's nice to have an element of surprise.  Plus my target market is aware of these yarns and that they will change colour.  Or at least some of them are, from what I understand.  Lots to learn about the customer base yet.

For more information on naturally grown coloured cotton you might find this website interesting:
naturally coloured cotton


Kerstin på Spinnhuset said...

And... let's hope it stays. Once I had a striped t-shirt, said to be made of this type of yarn. The care-label said it would fade, but that the colours would be restored by washing - but... that didn't happen. (It was a nice t-shirt all the same)

Laura said...

Well, we will find out! :) I've been told it needs an alkaline environment for the colours to deepen so I used washing soda and a fairly heavy detergent solution.