Monday, August 29, 2011

Wherein I Take Another Stab at the Stash

The baby wraps were not particularly hard or difficult to weave but since the loom was giving me the fits during the weaving of both 30 yard warps I'd pretty much had it with 2/20 mercerized cotton warps and fly shuttles.  For a while at least.

Not to mention I really need to continue to de-stash in a very serious way.

The 2/30 silk had been on spools for - oh, way too many years.  If memory serves (not that it is these days - serving that is) this yarn is left over from weaving the samples for Magic.  So we're talking at least 10 years.  (And OMG, does time ever fly by quickly when you're not paying attention!)

I'm relieved to say that I emptied, or nearly emptied, a quite large number of spools.  The bad news is that there are still way too many spools left with serious amounts of silk on them.  Which means I either wind more spools of the 2/20 silk on cones and do a mixed warp or I think of something very creative to do with the left over yarn. 

(The little bits of yarn left will go to my lace making buddies - there's far too little to weave with, too much to throw away and lots to make many lace bookmarks, or other lace goodies.  And I like enabling my fibre friends.) 

I did think of using some of the left over silk yarn as weft on this warp but the intention was to use up some of the very large (2 pounds?) of tussah silk in a rather bland sage green.  I may wind up doing some of each even though the warp isn't all that long as I wimped out and only did 20 yards instead of 30, fearing I would run out of silk.  (Ha!)

At any rate, the intention here is to dye the scarves after weaving.  The tussah silk will take the dye differently than the white silk and should look quite nice. 

Now that I've got the header woven and am satisfied that the treadling will work (no outside ends falling out of the cloth, etc) it's time for lunch, the chiropractor (my back is slightly 'out' but I know from experience that it won't go back 'in' by itself and why wait until it gets truly painful?), the guild room to thread that overshot pattern and then maybe come home and hemstitch and start weaving the first scarf.

We'll see how the best laid plans go.

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