Tuesday, February 28, 2012


No pictures - just a note that I am here with my friends, south of Seattle.  There were some 'adventures' along the way, but other than a little hair raising, all is well.  Except I can't find my hair brush.  :}  I will have to run out tomorrow and buy a new one.  Actually I couldn't find my favourite travel hair brush, didn't like the one I'm sure I packed but can't find, so obviously I have to go buy a new one, right?  On the scale of things, what's a new hair brush, after all?

Since I pushed through the sleety drizzle from Everett to almost my destination, I have a full day of rest Wed.  And that is a very Good Thing.


Sharon Schulze said...

You definitely need a new hair brush after a hair raising day. Gotta get that hair back down. ;-)

Dianne S said...

A new hairbrush is sometimes just essential. I spent years looking for just the right kind!

Rhonda from Baddeck said...

I hope all the 'turbulence' is behind you. Wishing you safe travels and fun times. I finished the Big Project for Lent in the nick of time (3am Ash Wednesday) and then took off for a week in California -- aaah!

Laura said...

wound up borrowing a brush from my friend, then found my own when I arrived in NC, So now I have two. :)

Supposed to be rainy and chilly here tomorrow which will make drying the samples a bit tricky. Hoping for the promised good weather on Tuesday for my flight,