Thursday, February 2, 2012

Warping Valet

Weaveblah asked about the warping valet - since my ceilings are fairly low, I got Doug to install a bar that hangs from the ceiling.  The warp goes under the breast beam and over the valet.  The Leclerc looms all have removeable breast beams, so Doug secured it with a bracket in order to allow the warp to run underneath it.

Kati Meek has a book called Dance With Your Loom which details what she calls a warping trapeze which is essentially the same thing although it is attached to the loom instead of the ceiling.  She calls that a high bar trapeze (I think - the book is on loan right now). 

I started using this tool quite a few years ago after seeing one in Sweden and the name of the tool was translated for me as 'warping valet'.

For more info on how I use this, click on the 'warping valet' tag to the right hand side - scroll down....way down!


weaveblah said...

Thank-you Laura.
Actually, I'm feeling a bit red-faced, since I find that you've already collated several posts about the 'warping valet' (aka 'warping trapeze')in your 'tag' list.
I take it, one can beam a warp on to a loom, F2b or B2f using this equipment.

Laura said...

I have not tried front to back - I think it would work, but back to front works *very* well. I prefer to have the warp all nicely beamed before I thread as I find the threads just behave so much more nicely when they are firmly anchored by being beamed. YMMV