Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Ploughing Onwards

Last night I managed to get the AVL set up for the next Big Project warp although I didn't get very far.  This morning I finished it off.

The warp is a bit different from my usual as I wanted to show a colour and weave effect that can be quite nice.  My sectional beam has 1" sections so every other section consisted of 8 blue, 8 green, and 8 blue.  The alternate sections will be filled with all blue.

Starting to fill every other section with the two colour stripe yarns.  The cord for each empty section has been hooked over the adjacent filled section.  It is easier to change out the different coloured ends rather than start with the all blue and cut in the green.

Filling in the rest of the sections with the all blue yarn.  I've taken the individual cords off the sectional staples and am grouping them together out of the way because they tend to get wound into the section I'm beaming.

Warp sections are taped to a stick which then carries all the sections at once to just behind the heddles.  The stick is long enough that I can tape it to the sides of the loom.  If I'm using both beams the warp from the top beam gets suspended from the loom frame at the top while the warp from the lower beam gets taped to the loom frame as shown above.

Currently reading I Am Half-sick of Shadows by Alan Bradley

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Sue said...

Love the Alan Bradley books. I listened to I Am Half-Sick of Shadows and enjoyed the reader quite a lot. Great for listening to during simple weaving. Or knitting.