Sunday, February 26, 2012

Warpology - Details

Klara asked if I layer the ends when I wind.  What I do is wind the yarns parallel to each other firmly shoving them back towards the base of the peg.

I think you can see the distinct stripes in the warp - the threads are not overlapping each other.

Thought I would also show the cross tied on the four 'arms' of the X with the choke tie on the next level.

If you want to actually watch how I wind a warp my You Tube channel is here.  I have a couple dozen clips, many of them from CD Weaver.  When I stopped producing CD Weaver cd's I tried to find as many of the video files as I could and load them to You Tube.  Unfortunately I lost a few in a computer 'upgrade', but there are still plenty to view.

Currently reading The Ropedancer's Fall by  M. K. Lorens


Klara said...

Thanks for clarifying! Reminds me that I shouldn't base theories on unproven assumptions... I look forward to the CD (I've just finished To Market and, liking it very much I've told all my spinning friends about it).

Bye, Klara

Laura said...

Thanks Klara - I'll be out of town until March 26 if anyone else wants their own copy. :)

Mailed CD Weaver today by Air Mail - you should have it in a few days.