Saturday, February 25, 2012


Someone asked on one of the lists about whether or not one should allow the woven web to 'relax' after being cut off the loom, before wet finishing.

I think the answer to that question is another one of those 'it depends' sorts of answers.

During a workshop with one expert, he stoutly maintained that you must absolutely let the web relax for a minimum of 24 hours.  Another expert was adamant in his opinion that there was no need whatsoever to let the web relax for any time at all.

In reality I think that most weavers don't usually cut the web from the loom and toss it directly into the water. First it should be inspected and repaired and if the fringe needs to be twisted, that takes a while, too.

But there are times, especially if I'm weaving a sample, that I will cut the web from the loom and walk directly to the sink to wet finish it.

Quite frankly I have not noticed any difference at all between webs allowed to 'rest' and those that go pretty directly into the washing machine.  In the photo above, for example, the yellow/orange web has been 'resting' for several days.  The green/purple was just now cut off the loom and as soon as it is serged the towel 'blanks' will go into the washing machine together.

In my experience there will be no way to tell which has rested and which has not after wet finishing.  On the other hand, I don't weave rugs or tapestries, so perhaps it is different for those cloths.  In fact some people recommend that neither of those get wet finished at all.  Once again, experts disagree, so.....choose your expert!  :^)

Currently reading - nothing!  I finished Dana Stabenow's Restless in the Grave this afternoon and have not had a chance to dig through my stack of paperbacks to chose another book.  :)  Later.

On the mom front, she is resting at her friend's after being discharged this morning and her friend will accompany her here on Monday, then turn around and take the return flight home again.  God bless good friends!  Another friend will stay with mom overnight, the nurse will visit in the morning and the home care workers will come in every day.  Personally I'm keeping fingers crossed for good driving on Tuesday and not the 'blizzard' we had yesterday....

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