Monday, February 20, 2012

Dreaming of Summer

These colours are right out of my usual palette but aren't they pretty?  Well, I think so, anyway.  :)  (The blue down below is the bit that tied the last warp onto the apron which will get cleaned off right before I tie this one on.)

Before I could even get to the loom, however, I had to deal with that stack (stacks?) of bins with the Magic sample pages.  I packed up a box full for Seattle Weavers Guild to benefit the library (the sample pages will be for sale at their annual Plaid Llama Sale in April, I think).  And I sold another copy of the abridged Magic copies, leaving just 3.  Nearly there!

Today I barely made it into the studio, only going down after eating dinner, rough sleying this warp and then getting it beamed.  Tomorrow I've got more errands - stuff that simply must be done before I leave, like paying bills - including a stop at the chiropractor's for a back/neck tune up.  Wednesday I don't have any appointments scheduled so I'm hoping to get stuck into the studio and get some weaving done.  There's been far too little of that the past week.

All that said, however, we have contractors ready to do the work to mom's house that needs doing and we're keeping fingers crossed the buyer will wait for it to be done.  Unfortunately it means a trip to the roof for Doug to cut a hole for access to the attic, which will then be filled with a brand new roof vent.  :}  The bad news is that it is snowing - not the best time to be on the roof cutting a hole into it.  :(

Today I caught up with a friend I hadn't seen for far too long.  Turns out she's been having an equally challenging year with health issues and we compared notes and generally had a good visit, glad to be alive.  :D  We've promised to stay in closer touch, exchanging email addy's to facilitate communication.

Nearly finished Ian Rankin's book with Dana Stabenow's in the wings.

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