Monday, February 27, 2012

Keeping Track

New calendar year.  I use 'undated' washable calendars to set out my teaching and show schedule.  I was very late in getting my 2013 calendar set out but now I have a firm booking for January 2013 figured I'd better get it sorted before I left!  I use Windex cleaner as I've found it to be the most effective in cleaning off the old (washable) markers I use.

And here it is, pinned to the door of my 'office'.  I've taped the contract for John C. Campbell Folk School to the bottom for easy reference.  Not too much for '13 yet but hopefully I'll at least get a chance to teach at ANWG in Bellingham next year.  I've applied to do A Good Yarn as a seminar.  Should find out at the SWG meeting in March if they have accepted my application or not.

Unfortunately 3 of the major regional conferences are all happening the same weekend in '13 so I didn't even bother to apply to them.  People involved in conference planning have started a group on Weavolution so that this won't - hopefully - happen again.

Anyway, dates at the Folk School are Jan. 21-25 for the Weaving Boot Camp -  a chance to improve whatever aspect of weaving people are most concerned about - course content will be tailored to the participants with me acting as weaving coach.  And Jan. 26-27 for Magic in the Water.  Participants can use the school looms or bring their own.

And I'm looking for another guild or two to help with travel expenses.  Cost of travel will be shared with however many groups book, with a maximum of 4 groups.  I don't like being away from home for more than 4 weeks, especially with an elderly mother.  Any groups in the state of Georgia, or other nearby states interested in a workshop mid January or early Feb?

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