Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Distractions Galore

More distractions today, starting with a panicked phone call at 4 am from the other mother.  Poor Doug wound up having to deal with getting her situation sorted out as well as battling through with the work to be done on mom's house.  We should know tomorrow if the buyer will wait until the work is done or if the sale collapses.  But the work has to be done regardless, and the sooner the better.

In the midst of all this I managed to thread the small loom with a towel warp and started weaving.  I consider the first 6 inches to be loom waste/header so when I spotted the threading error I didn't fuss about it too much, just cut the offending ends...

...and pulled them out of the cloth.

There were only actually two ends that were wrong so I fixed those...

sleyed them through the reed and pinned them to the header.

Here is how it looks after weaving the hem and beginning the towel body.

first towel, hems (you should just be able to see the cut line woven in) and the beginning of towel #2

It took me a while to find the 2/16 beige cotton I wanted to use for the hems - the bin had gotten shuffled to the bottom of the pile in the store room.  I could have used natural white, but I really wanted to tone down the colours so that they would go more gracefully with the earthy tones I'm seeing for pottery/dinnerware in the shops.  While the white would have diluted the intensity of the colours, they still would have been quite 'pure'.  With the beige cotton slub and 2/16 cotton for hems, these towels should go quite nicely with the new design colours for interiors.

Mom was up walking today but it looks like they are going to keep her for an extra couple of days, which may mean that she won't come home until the 28th - the day I leave.  But frankly, I'd rather they kept her longer and made sure that everything is going well than send her home too soon!

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