Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Taking a Break

Seems that in spite of my efforts to stay focused I still made two errors in the threading of the huck lace sample warp.  Neither was terminal - one required a repair heddle, the other was just two ends crossed between their heddles.  But as I began weaving I realized that with my concentration so poor, I'd better not try weaving the 6" repeat until I had settled down a little.

So instead I rummaged through the huge bag with the recent yarn order and pulled out the new varigated yarns (2/8 cotton) and started designing some towel warps.  It felt good to 'play' with colours, and besides, I'm using up stash, so it's all good, right?

I expect I'll wind 7 meter long warps just to test the yarns and colour combinations, and may even send one or two of these to John C. Campbell Folk School to weave while I'm there.

Whatever I'm going to do, I'd better decide soon so I can get the box into the mail.


Sandra Rude said...

Breaks are good. Especially when your concentration is suffering (for whatever reason). I hope your mom gets through her surgery without any difficulties, and that you manage all the pre-surgery tasks easily. All best!

Laura said...

Thanks Sandra - hope you're feeling better.