Saturday, July 12, 2014

Flexible Goals

Next warp of beige/peach/rust oranges with tow linen weft.  Started weaving today (Saturday, July 12) and my goal is to have this warp off the loom before next weekend, all being well.  (I am learning not to get too attached to my plans because they may get changed on me...)

The turquoise towels will get wet finished when the temperature is cooler.  The next week to 10 days highs will be in the 30's C (90's F) making it much too hot to be pressing.  That said, if anyone is interested in either of these warps in terms of my July special offering (buy two items, get free shipping), I will ship when ever they are ready.  Price on these will be $28 each.  With 11 pounds of singles 10 tow linen to use up, I expect to have to put a third warp on - right now I'm thinking a cream/white warp.

In the course of unpacking some of the many many boxes of stuff that was taken to Olds for the vendor booth, I found two more copies of A Good Yarn:  Cotton in case anyone was wanting one.

Currently reading The Vows of Silence by Susan Hill

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