Monday, July 21, 2014


My mother used to ask the rhetorical question "How did you get to be so stubborn?!"  It took all my will power to not respond "Have you looked in the mirror?"

During my mother's long life (and my father's all too short one) Life Happened on a regular basis.  Time after time she weathered the storm and, now 87 soon to be 88, she picked up the pieces of her life and carried on.

I suppose I inherited this wide stubborn streak from her.  Or maybe there is just a level of pragmatism that allows me to see that everyone, everywhere, has Life Happen to them on a regular basis.  None of us gets out of here without having calamity happen to them at some point along their journey.  Sometimes frequently.

I suppose that what I learned from my mother was that we have two choices.  That's it.  Just the two.  We let the wave crash over us, pick ourselves up and carry on.  Or we sink into the quagmire that has been left behind.

When my brother died and my health issues were diagnosed I had a touch of survivor guilt.  Why was my younger brother taken away from this life and I left behind?  He who had given so much to so many, worked so hard to make his dreams come true, endeared himself to so many and, ultimately, would be so missed by literally hundreds of people?  The church was overflowing at his funeral - a church which easily holds 250 - and not everyone who held him dear was able to attend.

Why was I left behind?  Why, indeed, am I still here?

I have no answer to that question.  All I know is that I still am.  Therefore my time is not yet over.  The only thing I can do is to live my life as best I am able.  To wait til the waves wash over me then pick up the pieces and carry on.

Besides, I still have all this yarn to use up...

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Laritza Rodriguez said...

What a beautiful piece you wrote today. I live day to day knowing things happen for a reason, many of those we never understand, but there is always a reason. You are an inspiration of life. Thanks for writing this blog.

Laura Fry said...

Thanks, Laritza