Monday, July 14, 2014

July Special Deal cont'd

A Good Yarn:  Cotton (2 copies),  A Good Yarn: Rayon (way too many copies left - 40?) are sample packets with explanations of the fibre characteristics of each yarn.  Cotton has 10 projects with before and after wet finished actual fabric samples.  Rayon has 7.

In addition to my own titles I published Kerstin Froberg's  Weave A V.  This booklet explains how to weave a V shaped shawl using double weave. It includes explanations for both rising and sinking shed looms, how to weave four shaft weaves in double weave/width and how to derive the tie up to make sure it works properly when you open the cloth up.

Magic on cd/flashdrive:  $25
A Good Yarn:  Cotton:  $50
A Good Yarn:  Rayon:  $40
Weave a V:  $20

Tea Towels (new)

This photo looks more yellow green than the towels actually are - the warp was a turquoise with natural linen for weft, so more beige than yellow.  $28 each  (16 towels)

The cloth turned out quite nice after wet finishing.  They have a nice feel with a little bit of 'scrub' to them.  Make good hand or kitchen utility towels.

I'm over the half way mark on the beige/peach/rust warp and there should be 12 or 14 towels off that warp, too. (Two of those towels are already spoken for)

Most of the towels listed on my previous post are still available although some of them are getting low in terms of numbers.  Contact me laura at laurafry dot com for details or photos.  I did not photograph all of the towels I have in inventory (like the turquoise/purple and turquoise/dk blue) ones woven with cottolin weft.

Buy two items, get free shipping continues until July 31.

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