Monday, July 28, 2014

Spinning Workshop with Kim McKenna

Imitation: the Sincerest Form of Flattery September  20/21 in Prince George, BC
Technological advances over the last few decades have rekindled our interest in the innovative fibres of the mid-twentieth century. Industry can now successfully manipulate a fibre’s surface texture, longitudinal shape, crimp, staple length, tensile strength and cross-sectional shape. But has it truly been able to imitate the drape and lustre of silk as envisioned by English naturalist Sir Robert Hooke, English chemist Joseph Swan, Swiss chemist Audemars or Louis Pasteur’s student Count Hiliaire de Chardonnet? You be the judge; as we explore fibres with exotic names such as: Bamboo Silk, Corn Silk, SeaCell, Silk Latte, Soy Silk, etc. With this, albeit brief, hand-on study you will come to appreciate and understand these ‘new’ fibres’ strengths, their weaknesses, their positive contributions and their negative impacts/drawbacks. This in turn puts us in a better position to make our fibre choices in an intelligent and mindful manner. 
Kim McKenna

Materials fee is $50, class is $150 for a total of $200. We are asking for $50 deposit to hold a spot. Guild members can send deposit to the treasurer, Birthe Miller. If you aren’t a member and would like to become one, email me laura at laurafry dot com and I will put you in touch with our membership person for details on cost.

Even though I'm not really a spinner, I'm looking forward to this workshop in order to find out a lot more about the new fibres available to spinners (and weavers).
People from out of town are welcome to participate - there are 3 spots left - and we will try to find billets with local guild members for anyone who wants one.
Kim has gotten very busy with her teaching lately and will be at Knit City in Vancouver in October.  We are very pleased that she was able to fit us into her schedule.

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