Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Tea Towels! Getcher Tea Towels! edited to show sales

cotton and cottolin $32  (2)  Sold

cotton and linen $36  (4)  one on right Sold

cotton $28 (2)

cotton and linen $36  (1)

cotton $28  (3)

cotton $28  (blue - 6, beige - 5 - blue were woven as part of the Big Project in May and are the Spring Bouquet towels from Handwoven May 2013)

cotton  $28  (8)

cotton $28  (7)

cotton $24  colours:  dark red 27
dark blue  10
scarlet  5
Medium blue  6
Rose 11

All towels are machine wash and dry warm water setting.  All are a generous size (although sizes vary depending on style).  Any of these towels may be purchased as part of my special July offering of buy two items and get free shipping.

Fibre content is listed, then price each towel, then how many are available for purchase.

Orders can be placed by contacting me via email laura at laurafry dot com or telephone which is listed on my website on the Contact page.

Payment can be by Paypal, VISA or Mastercard, or by cheque (including cheques from the US but not off shore.)

As I finish the turquoise towels I will add them to this offering - the warp may come off the loom today, but if not, for sure tomorrow.  If I can get the next tea towel warp - beige/peach/rust - done by the end of the month they will also be part of this offer.

Stay tuned for updates!


judy said...

I have tried to get on your email it does not work for me. I would like to make a purchase.
does the no shipping apply to the US for the towels?

Laura Fry said...

Yes, free shipping to the US. :) Try laurafry at telus dot net and see if that goes through? If not, post your email here (as above) and I'll try emailing you to see that that works...


judy said...

email sent judyha at comcast dot net

Sandra Rude said...

What a beautiful range of tea towels! I'm in awe...

judy said...

Hi Laura,
My two tea towels arrived today. WOW! love them so much and knowing you made them is so special. I will think of you each time I use them, which will be everyday.
Thank EWE
Love EWE

Laura Fry said...

Wow - that didn't take long! Enjoy! :)