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I've been assuming that people already know what A Good Yarn: Rayon and Weave a V are all about.  So for those of you who do already know you may want to skip the rest of this post. Or you might want to give me some feedback on the question of digitizing the series...

A Good Yarn (the series) came about because it was apparent that too few people really knew or understood the essential characteristics of the various fibres that we work with.  So each publication in the series dealt with the fibre characteristics and how those might be affected by preparation for and spinning.  Other information such as the difference between 2/8 and 8/2 cotton was given for Cotton, various yarn counts for Rayon, burn tests and other interesting things were were included.

Then I wove samples with various types of yarn and included before and after wet finishing so that the change in appearance and feel could be clearly illustrated.

The copies were signed and numbered.

Rayon is the only title left as Cotton and Linen/Hemp are now sold out.  Will I digitize these publications?  Possibly.  With my teaching schedule curtailed, I might possibly have the time to tackle this in the new year.  It depends on whether or not there is sufficient market for it?

this photo shows the text pages, the 7 samples with the before/after samples and tassel of the yarns used

If you are looking for Su Butler's in depth look at rayon chenille, it is still available at her website

Weave a V was written by Kerstin Fro:berg and details how to create a V shaped shawl using double weave.  Instructions are for both rising and sinking shed looms.

page showing how to deal with the fold that makes the V

Cover showing rainbow shawl

Scarf with pockets woven in and small coins inserted

Weave a V is $20 ($5 shipping) and A Good Yarn:  Rayon is $40.  Buy both (or any two items, including towels - email me for pictures or read previous posts) and get free shipping.

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