Saturday, July 5, 2014

Weekend Weaving

Got started weaving on the teal/turquoise towel warp yesterday.  The warp is only 20 yards so I'm hoping to get it off this coming week, so potentially these towels could also be bought on the 'buy two items, get free shipping' offer I posted yesterday which runs to the end of July (2014 - because it seems my older posts quite often get read!)

The warp is 2/16 cotton with a tow linen weft.  The linen isn't the best quality so there is some chaff in it and they will make great exfoliant towels.  :)  Once the linen softens up they should be lovely and absorbent although it may take a few uses/launderings before they really develop to their full potential.

This is the warp that I thought I had a sleying error in, but when I cut the header off and examined it by holding it up to the window to get the light through it, I can see no problems in that regard so I guess it's fine.  If the light through the cloth examination doesn't show a problem, there isn't one to be found!

Industry has traditionally used this method during burling and mending to help the inspectors find errors that need to be fixed.  Small items can just be held up to a window (or other light source).  For larger items a light table helps to find these problems.

I've neglected to list my reading the last little while.  Jennifer Worth's memoirs about being a nurse/midwife in London in the 1950's upon which the tv program Call the Midwife is based.  She goes into a lot more history of the area than they do in the tv series so I found them quite interesting.  There are 4 volumes, I've read three now, partly because my local library doesn't have the 4th and I haven't had time to request it on inter-library loan.  Randy Bachman's Vinyl Tap - a memoir of his life in rock and roll/music.  This book is based on his CBC radio series of the same name, which I've never actually listened to.  A rummage through You Tube brought back many memories of music from the 60's-80's (Guess Who and BTO - two of Randy's bands - plus other musicians he worked with - Neil Young, Lenny Breau, etc., etc.)

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