Friday, July 18, 2014


No special effects required.

This morning dawned - if I can use the term loosely - with a dark nasty grey/yellow/orange light from the cloud cover and thick smoke from the wildfires burning all around us.

The tourist bureau came up with this poster, which I thought was rather clever and took the surreal nature of the light and made fun of it.

We are fortunate in that none of the big fires are really close to us but we are surrounded and no matter which way the wind blows we seem to be in the smoke plume.  Thankfully we had a day of respite yesterday, which made today even more depressing.

If this continues much longer I may have to run away to the coast to get away from it.

In the meantime I'm trying to stay on track with the weaving, stash reduction, inventory build, etc.  Both looms have new warps and I'm going to start weaving on the small loom today.  The AVL will take about 3-4 hours (spread out over a day or two) to thread and then I should be able to use up the last of the tow linen in the singles 10 size.

Of course there are boxes of more fine linen still at the annex.  Unfortunately I can't get to the yarn because the other night one of the shelving units attached to the wall came loose (possibly due to the earthquake in the Yukon?) dumping all the stuff stored on the shelves onto the pile of boxes in the middle of the floor.  Doug will have to move everything out to the loading dock, replace the unit that came down, repair the one next to it that was partially torn down, then move everything back again.

He's got his work cut out for him.


the Mighty M said...

I remember being in Ashland for three weeks without seeing the sky. The forest fires were over the border in California in the Trinities but the Rogue Valley pulls smoke in from every direction. I should have left. It was like smoking five packs of cigarettes and you could not escape the gloom and the barbeque pit stink. Get out of there if you can.

Laura Fry said...

It started to rain which wShed much of the smoke out of the air. Hoping the rain also helps to dampen the fires.

Katie said...

Say, when are you going to unveil The Big Project? Just askin'

Laura Fry said...

Soon. Very soon. :)