Sunday, December 8, 2019

Biding Time

As we approach the winter solstice, I find myself wanting to, well, I suppose hibernate would be the word. 

To everything there is a season and during the season of winter it seems appropriate to dial back and rest, regroup, pause, reflect.  Wait for spring.  Biding time for the equinox and the re-growth of all things as we move through the circle/cycle of the seasons.

Doug has been working diligently on helping with the annex move out and we now have a list of the AVL parts that will be posted soon.  I've just sent the list to one weaver as she recently acquired an elderly AVL and needs to refurbish it.  Once she has spoken for any parts she needs, the list will be posted here.  Then announced to WeaveTech in case there are others who may need to refresh their older AVL PDL style looms.

We got some snow, finally, which was welcome.  It wasn't the big dump they were warning about, which is also welcome.  A few inches won't affect too many people and it does make the days brighter, helps protect plants and gives folk who like to play in the snow fresh stuff in which to ski, snow board, etc.  Personally I will appreciate the snow from inside the house.  :)

When I look at what is left and what still needs to be done to move out of the annex, it is actually looking do-able.  While I had hoped to be out by the end of this month, the end of next is a more realistic deadline and with help promised this coming week, the bulk of the annex should be cleared out very soon.

We have someone thinking about the steam press and we have a self-loading truck lined up to remove it and some other things, regardless of the press being sold.  Thank goodness for a small town and knowing lots of people who have resources.  Or know someone who knows someone.

And that is the thing, really.  We are all just interconnected circles of people who know other people.  Every one of us gets through this life through the help of others.  John Donne had it nailed when he said "No man is an island".  And that is so true.  Unfortunately we forget this.

Society/culture is made up of individuals who come together to work for the good of all.  The difficulty seems to be when that good is kept in reserve for the 'us' while not caring about the welfare of the 'others'.

We do not know the entirety of the story of what someone else is going through.  In the absence of that knowledge, the best approach is to be kind.  There is a meme on Facebook (yes, I'm on Facebook) that said "Just because someone carries it well doesn't mean it isn't heavy".

Be kind.

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