Tuesday, December 24, 2019

'Tis the Season

The solstice has been an occasion for celebration for as long as humanity has existed.  There are many different ways to celebrate but for me the turning of the sun has gained more importance as I have gotten older.

There are days when I despair at humanity but then individuals do something loving and giving to restore my faith that we can work together, support each other, love each other.

To all my friends who have lifted me up when I have fallen down - sometimes literally - thank you.

To all my friends who encourage me in my crazy endeavours - thank you.

To my readers who recognize themselves in my thoughts as expressed here and elsewhere - thank you for letting me know.

To the students who take up the mantle of learning as much as they can about the craft of weaving - thank you.

To those who work for equity for all - thank you. 

To those to build a bigger table instead of a wall - thank you.

As we enter a 'new' year, I send love and light to all.  To those who struggle, those who are comfortable, all in between.

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