Tuesday, December 3, 2019

Selling My Work part I

Tea Towels

A heap o' towels.  Over the next few days I will be posting photos of some of them with prices and numbers available

 The ever popular design Snails Trails and Cats Paws.  These are 20% linen, 80% cotton.  Woven from 2/16 cotton for warp and 2/16 cottolin for weft, there are 4 of the blue and white, 6 of the blue/green.  Price is $32 each.

These are also 20% linen/80% cotton.  Also 2/16 cotton warp with 2/16 cottolin weft.  Again Snails Trails with 4 available and 1 of a design based on a draft in Jane Evan's A Joy Forever on Latvian weaving.  Also $32 each.

These are 50/50 cotton and linen.  Warp is turquoise 2/16 cotton (several shades) and a dark blue linen weft.  There are 7 available with a price of $38 each.

All tea towels are a generous size but may vary slightly due to pattern repeat.  

All are machine wash/dry, iron as desired.  Can be used as a tea towel or table centre - or whatever.

There are still copies of Weave a V.  $25.00

I was going to make free shipping on orders over $100 but changed that to orders over $90.  Canadian dollars, which makes that approximately $70 US.  So three towels gets you free shipping.  Offer good until Dec. 31, 2019.

Payment can be by e-transfer (Canadians only), cheque or Paypal (both Canada and US)

Email me to order or inquire about other colours:  laura at laurafry cot com

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