Wednesday, December 4, 2019

Selling my Work part II

Snails trails and cats paws

2/16 cotton warp, cottolin weft.  20% linen, 80% cotton

mint-y green 3; gold (more yellow than brown as in the photo)  1

2/16 cotton warp, single linen weft; 50/50
star design, 1; wave design 10

Roses based on draft from A Joy Forever by Jane Evans

2/16 cotton warp, cottonlin weft; 20/80
gold (more yellow than the brown in the photo) - 3  minty green - 3

Same pricing as the ones listed yesterday:  cottolin weft $32 each, half cotton/linen $38 each.  Buy three, get free shipping.

I make my towels on the larger size and if they are too pretty to be tea towels, they also work as table centres.  Just sayin'.

Last week I gave a tea towel to one of the medical professionals who takes care of me.  I hadn't given her one before and she was taken aback to receive a gift.  But I have plenty, and it is a concrete way for me to express my gratitude at the care I have been receiving.  I know I have been very very lucky in having the care that has kept me alive.  

When she said it was too nice to use I told her that they were very usable, machine wash and dry and all.  She protested that she would keep it for something special.  I pointed out that every day is special because we are still alive.

At this point in time I think we might have one commercially made tea towel.  All the rest in the kitchen (and some in the other closet because we even use some for hand towels) have been made by friends - or seconds that I kept for myself.  Every time a fresh one gets pulled out, I remember the person who made it.  Some I purchased, but many were given as gifts to me.  And I treasure each and every one of them.

We are here for such a short time.  Every day is special.  Use the good china.  Eat the good chocolate.  Use the hand woven textiles.  And never, ever forget, that everything was made by hand until barely 200 years ago when things became more and more mechanized.

Christina Petty has written a marvelous article.  Even if you aren't a weaver (which I'm sure most of you are), I heartily recommend reading her article and think about the level of knowledge that human beings acquired in order to make the things we see on display in museums and consider 'treasure'.  

Celebrate every day.  Every day is special.

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