Tuesday, April 3, 2012

A Knotty Problem

At times knots can slip through your fingers while winding a warp and you find them later during weaving.   Kerstin explained a nifty way to fix them which requires no further repairs once the cloth is cut from the loom.

Oh no!  A knot in the warp!

insert a repair end into the same heddle and dent as the warp end with the knot

pin the repair end into the cloth, hang it over the back beam and weave about an inch and a quarter or so

cut the end with the knot out and toss it over the back beam out of the way

weave until the original end is long enough to bring back through the heddle/dent and pin it to the cloth (white pin)

weave an inch and a quarter or so and cut out the repair end

Remove pins and clip all loose ends and continue weaving.  The cloth is repaired and no further work is required once you cut the warp from the loom.  Tack, Kerstin!


Melissa said...

This is terrific, but I think it will take some practicing before I can remember the sequence without a reference. Thanks for posting this tutorial, Laura! I will likely return a few times...

Kerstin på Spinnhuset said...

Don't thank me - thank our "fore-weavers" :-) (So sorry I don't remember who it was first showing me this - if you read it, drop me a mail and I'll credit you!)


dorothylochmaben said...

Thanks for this tip laura. Hadn't thought of treating a knot a bit like a broken warp thread !

Laura Fry said...

Judith Mackenzie says we 'stand on the shoulders of giants' :)


Anonymous said...

Laura and Kerstin:
Thanks on two counts: For the technique,and a memory: I suspect my immigrant grandmother, who worked in New England's textile mills (sweat shops), had occassion to use this technique.

BTW: If you know how to contact Judith these days could you let me know how to find her? I need to ask her a quick question.

Laura Fry said...

Don't know how to reach Judith, sorry. She is one busy lady!