Tuesday, July 5, 2022

Clearing Clutter


One of my early forays into technology was producing teaching CDs.  They were a combination of text files, heavy with colour photos, and video clips.

They never sold very well, although people sometimes contact me to let me know they found them useful.  When I stopped selling them, I loaded (most of) the videos to You Tube, where you can still find them.

In addition to trying to weave down my stash, I'm trying to learn how to Marie Kondo my life/studio/home.  Yesterday I came across a stack of CDs with files saved to them.  Some of them I'm pretty sure I want to keep.  Others?  Perhaps not.

Right now I have exactly one aging laptop with a CD drive in it, so at some point this week I hope to go through the stack and any files on them that I want to keep, I'll transfer to a thumb drive.

And then?  Recycle?  Give to the guild to make spindles with?  Sigh.

I really hate to just toss them, along with the large stack of unused discs I have.  If I could figure out a way to load music onto them, I would, but that's also antique technology so seems pointless.  Just play the CDs I have.

In fact I still play cassette tapes.  A friend, when they found that out, offered me her tapes and CDs, thinking I would laugh and say no thanks!  Instead I said yes, please!  "Even the Def Leopard?"  Yes, of course!  What can I say?  I have eclectic taste in music...

Once I've sorted through the CDs, I will begin sorting through the binders of workshop notes/drafts.  

And keep weaving.  And work on the two classes for October for SOS.

I'm hoping I have enough energy/brain power to fulfill the contract with SOS for the coming couple of years.  

This morning I was lamenting that I don't have the energy of my 30 year old self.  Coming to grips with the fact that aging means I can no longer push myself to exhaustion and expect myself to bounce back into the fray is...difficult.  

But I still have things I would like to accomplish, so onwards!

And I very much doubt there is a third book in me.  But never say never?

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