Monday, October 2, 2023

Whimper, Not Bang?


I had thought to teach one more in-person workshop but what with one thing and another...I won't be teaching in person again.

As of this morning there were just 3 people signed up for a workshop that is supposed to happen in 3 weeks, and there is too little time now to get at least 5 more people registered and their looms set up ready to weave.

The workshop is a round robin, so I either set up 5 looms myself, or...I let it 'die'.

Since I've not been feeling particularly energetic given my health issues, I decided to quit trying to make it 'float' and quietly let go of the idea of another in person workshop and am now letting it 'float' away.

I a way.  OTOH, I've done my best for 40+ years to teach.  I have left a 'legacy' (whatever it may be worth) of written information (including this blog).  I've sought to encourage, explain, show how to do the craft.  

No one 'lasts' forever, and it is time to recognize that it is ok for me to step away.

Just one more activity that no longer has a 'horizon' in my life as I continue to cut away the things I either can't or don't want to do, anymore.

I can, however, still write.  So perhaps I will begin designing 'projects'.  The ones I have had published in Handwoven seem to have lasting interest.  I see people posting on line that they are taking projects I  published there and re-working them.  Which was what they were intended for, so that makes the cockles of my heart quite warm.  

Writing up the project notes for SOS has been challenging, but I *could* re-work the drafts for the Mug Rugs and More workshop and publish them as individual patterns that people could use as a springboard, much as I've been doing for SOS.


Anyway, book project #4 continues grinding its way through the process.  This is limbo time, waiting for the rest to do what is necessary.  I chose a publication date far enough away the process would not be 'rushed', which just attenuates the wait.  And patience is NOT one of my characteristics!  However, I'm also tired.  And my energy spoon drawer is quite empty.  So instead of chaffing at the wait I am trying to sink into the new, less deadline driven life that I am now living.  

I even (gasp!) opened a bin which contained the contents of my desk, which had been quite literally swept into a bin and left to stew for a number of years.  And sorted through about half of it.  Some of it will go to a cousin because there is some information about the family 'history' and she seems interested.  Most of it has gone into the recycle bin - or will.  Some of the pages are in plastic protectors, so I will keep those, recycle the rest.  There is a small packet of t-shirt transfers.  Who knows, I may buy some 100% cotton t-shirts and make up 'spicy' things to wear now that I'm a 'little old lady'.  Well, not so much 'little', nor 'lady'...

Five more days until my first SI injection.  The diagnostic lidocaine injection was a 'success' so I am growing a plot of hope that the actual corticosteroid injection is the success that I hope it will be.

Because I intend to keep weaving for so long as I am able.  I still have stash to use up, after all...

(I do have a number of Zoom presentations booked.  If interested for your guild, contact me laura at laurafry dot com.  It appears the contact form on my website is 'broken' and I'm not sure when it will get fixed.)

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Linda said...

Laura, as one who has benefitted from your teaching, I know that you have left a strong legacy behind. And I thank you.

Your classes are missed but you have trained other weavers and have allowed them to take your place. This takes courage and dedication.

You might want to consider small private workshops