Monday, January 9, 2012

Back to 'Routine' - sort of

My warping 'station' - additional overhead lights for this somewhat dim studio space.
Notice that I tie the cross on the four 'arms' of the X not at the waist.  Choke tie is about 1 yard away from the cross.  On this 9 meter long warp there are:  1 choke tie (near cross), 1 counting tie (near the bottom end - opposite end from the cross - which could be used for a raddle if I used one of those) and two other ties to keep the warp chain tidy.

After winding I remove the last peg at the bottom of the board and simply drop the warp into a small box.  The cross is hanging over the edge of the box in preparation for rough sleying.  Notice also the reed laid across the bottom of the warping board.  The yarns come straight up off the spools (or cones), threaded through the reed.  This means the threads are always coming straight off the yarn package so there is no extra drag or tipping over of cones during the winding.

Today I finished packaging up the yarns and drafts for Durham and will head to the post office shortly to mail the box.  They should have it in two weeks so will have time to wind their warps and dress their looms.  My hostess has offered her loom for an 'extra' warp and I've offered to dress it on the Friday with one of the more 'fragile' warps as I will have an extra day (the guild program is Friday evening).  I didn't want to chance flying in on the Friday in case of travel delays.  Been there, done that too often.  While I've never actually missed an event due to travel delays, it's been awfully close a few times and it's just way too stressful - for me and for the event organizers!

We finally achieved some sunshine today.  If it weren't for the wind howling it would almost be shorts and short sleeve weather.  March weather in January - which means we'll likely get January weather in March.  Well, I won't be here - hopefully I'll be enjoying spring in NC/FL in March.  :)

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