Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Changing My Mind

I wasn't terribly happy about combining the plum with the greens and a quick rummage through the stash revealed a lighter greyed plum that will look much better, as far as I'm concerned.  So this combo is next in the queue for the small loom - as soon as I thread/sley/tie on/weave the lace sample awaiting me on the Leclerc Fanny. 

Just now finished cutting the towel warp off the AVL - and only just in time as it looks like my yarn order arrived today.  However I was parked much too far away to pack the parcel to the van so I opted to leave it until tomorrow when I can maybe get closer to the door.  Unless someone has sent me a present.  :^)  The card doesn't say what the parcel is, just that I've got one to pick up.

But it's also time for me to pack up the class materials for John C. Campbell Folk School and get them into the mail so I expect that some of Thursday will be spent deciding what I want to weave/demo while I'm there, wind whatever warps are necessary and get it ready to go into the mail soon - just to make sure it arrives in time.  I'd rather it got there much too early than a day late!

I also realized that I only have one more weekend before my company arrives so I am going to have to clear enough of the rubble away that they will not feel as though they've entered an episode of "Hoarders"....

Currently reading Death Before Wicket by Kerry Greenwood (a little too much information about cricket, but I'm ignoring that....)

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Boomer Knows said...

You sley me he busy you've become, you go girl!