Saturday, January 21, 2012

When Things Go Wrong

Got about half of the warp woven this morning and everything is fine.  It's not 'perfect' - but then what in life is?

I have always been the kind of person who when things go wrong looks for a solution.  This has been particularly valuable in terms of weaving because, quite frankly, things are all too frequently going 'wrong'.  When they do, there is no point in gnashing one's teeth and weeping (although a little venting is sometimes required).  A few explicatives may be used, but then it's onwards to find a fix that will allow one to carry on.

This is a lesson that is important in life, too.  This past week has held its share of 'bad' things but life happens and you just have to get on with it.

Perfection is a journey with lots of lumps and bumps along the way.  All we can do is keep on trying.  Even though these place mats are a little 'off' in terms of what I intended the end user won't know that.  They will just judge the mats on their merits and like them - or not.

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Gingerbreadshouse7 said...

I have made that note to myself continueously ..making and finding solutions with my weaving along the way..even though the road is mapped out...for me there seems to be bumps at every turn..I dust myself off and keep on..greatly satisfied when it's clear.