Friday, January 27, 2012

Math and Me

Math has never been my long suit - not even simple arithmetic.  Every once in a while I make a truly magnificent oopsie.  Weaving dishes up another serving of humbility pie!

Knowing that I'm not good at crunching numbers, I actually worked through the equation of how many ends I needed for this warp for the Big Project several times.  Seems like I simply repeated my mistake, several times, because I was short 16 ends.  I double checked my threading, using my system of grouping ends in their constituent repeats and confirmed that my threading was, indeed, correct.  I was really and truly short 16 ends.

Stopped and thought about it for a while.  This warp is, after all, for samples, right?  Could I live with the fact that one selvedge would be radically different from the other?

Much mulling produced the answer - no.

So I wound another warp chain of 16 ends, threaded it through the appropriate heddles, ran it around the back beam and up and over the warping valet.  Messed about with various weights until I got the right amount to provide sufficient tension and started weaving.

It's not a pretty sight, to be sure, but it's working - well enough. 

For curious minds, it took about 2 pounds of weight for the little chain.  And the really nice thing about the warping valet?  By running it over that, the yarn package is nice and close and the 'drop' is much longer than if I just weighted it off the back beam - no constantly running to the back of the loom checking to see if the weight needs to be dropped. 

I've got over a yard woven so far (the warp is 9 meters long).

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Tina J said...

I am glad it isn't just me! I am notorious for my math blunders. It doesn't matter if I am weaving or knitting, it takes me a couple of tries almost every time!

Laritza said...

I've done far worse than that! I am glad it happens even to the pros :)
Great to know the solution worked. Thanks for sharing.

Sandra Rude said...

Ouch! Geen there, done that. I use a spreadsheet in combination with my weaving design program to help avoid arithmetic errors, but they still sometimes manage to sneak in. Your solution with the warping valet is great.

Janet said...

Looks to me like you're simply experimenting with the Turkish method of warp balls suspended from the castle so that they hang down next to the weaver. Very clever. I've been meaning to figure it out and try it myself some time.

Laura said...

Mistakes are a good reason to know as many different methods as possible. :)

PattyAnne said...

It makes me feel better to see that others do wacky things sometimes too!
However, the difference between your wacky things and mine is that you know how to remedy yours! Thanks for the tip. Now I'm off to google warping valet.....

Laura said...

Most comprehensive info from Kati Meek's book Dance with Your loom.


weaveblah said...

Encouraged; but also intrigued. I wonder if you could post a photo of your warping valet; if time permits. Thanks Laura.