Tuesday, January 17, 2012

To Market, To Market

Today I racked up some success....and some failure.

I did figure out how to create a .pdf file and finished the final edits of the pamphlet (not sure what else to call it - at 14,000 plus words and 45 pages, it's not a 'book') on the things I've learned about being in the business of making hand woven textiles to sell.

But I could not figure out how to list this publication on Art Fire and make it be 'free shipping'.  Since I don't want to be charging shipping for something that will be an emailed pdf file, I have finally given up and will just sell it via my website or by email request and send people a Paypal invoice.

So - if you are interested in my pithy comments email me.  The price is $8.95 and you need to be able to receive an email attachment and open the pdf file.

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Laura said...

I couldn't find a way to email you - if you could reply to my comment, that would be great - I'd love to have a copy!

Laura said...

laura at laurafry dot com