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Wednesday, January 18, 2012


I know I blogged about this before - even found the photos I took - but can't find the actual post so here it is again....

When beginning a new warp I use some scrap yarn and throw 3 picks without beating.  It doesn't really matter what sort of yarn although something with a little 'tooth' (not slippery) works best.

Then I gently squeeze the beater forward until all three picks are nicely lined up.

With pick number four (the shuttle is on the left hand side of the loom) I take the scrap weft around the rod and pass it to the right hand side.

With pick number 5 (the shuttle is now on the right hand side of the loom) I take the scrap weft around the rod on the right hand side and pass it back to the left hand side.

And then I pass the shuttle back to the right making a total of 6 picks to prepare the warp for weaving.


Ann said...

Excellent tip. I had heard about you doing this, but seeing the photo's made it sink in!! (I didn't get to attend the class you gave in Missouri last year, or was it the year before????) Time, she be a flying!!

Thanks for sharing your self and your talents.


Kelsey Keefe said...

Oh, I like this tip. I was sort of taught to use toilet paper or rags, but I weave using fine yarns and it always felt too chunky for my sett. Thanks! I'll have to give this a go. :)

Laura said...

Lightbulb moment!!! Thanks - I've been wasting warp using roving to do kind of the same thing. I'll try this out on the next one!

Gingerbreadshouse7 said...

I'm glad you gave this tip again, I sure can use it :o) I haven't finished my sleying yet! but I'm going to try that method on this project ..thanks for this tip..

Ulrike said...

thank you so much, these pictures and the description are very very helpful

best wishes

Anonymous said...

Hi, thanks for this 'header' tip. What is the advantage of passing the yarn around the apron rod, right and left? I can see that it will keep the picks in place. Does it provide other functions?

Laura said...

The selvedges sometimes tend to curl so passing the header weft around the end of the rod helps to hold the cloth flat and prevent the curling.

Anonymous said...

Thank-you. Elegant solution.

caryl said...

Do you use this technique if you hemstitch the end?

Laura said...

Yes, I spread the warp out with the 6 picks, then advance the warp leaving unwoven warp for as long as I want the fringe and then hemstitch. I have a video clip of this on my You Tube channel. I think there's a link to the right hand side of the blog.


MadCityMike said...

I read your comment on headers on one of the Yahoo weaving groups and followed the link to it. I'd just started a sampler but hadn't much woven, so decided to un-weave the little I had done, plus the old header, so that I could try your method. It is FANTASTIC! 6 picks and the warp was parallel and as wide as it should be! Thanks very much for all of your tips and suggestions!

Laura said...

Thanks Mike, it's good to hear that some of my suggestions are helpful. :)


dc said...

Awesome! MadCityMike gave me your link and this makes so much sense. I will use it for sure. Did someone say you went to Missouri for a class. I live in Missouri So. of Joplin. You come this way let me know. Thanks. Now I have to check out the rest of your blog. dc

Laura said...

I was teaching in MO just about two years ago. No bookings in the area right now - my schedule is pretty much open after this March when I'll be in NC/FL. :)