Monday, January 16, 2012

Making Progress

Place mat warp with two of the colours from the towel warp - the greyed blue and greyed green

I'm enjoying the blue green warp on the AVL so much and, since I have yarn left over on the tubes after beaming that warp sectionally, I decided to do some blue/green place mats, too.

This week is fraught with appointments so I don't know how productive I'll be in the studio, but I did manage to weave two towels this afternoon, then threaded/sleyed/tied on and started weaving the mats after dinner.  In the photo you can see the medium brown yarn I used to begin weaving, to spread the warp out and erase the V's at the beginning of the warp.  I've described previously how I did this, using just 6 picks of weaving to begin.  Then a couple of picks of the cotton in plain weave, two picks of twill to create the cut line and then the first hem.

Tien Chiu sent me the ribbon measuring 'tape' which I have cut to various standard lengths, in this case 20", and which I pin to the cloth to measure how much I have woven.  (I think she said she got it at a Joanne's store.)  I measure under tension, but it doesn't really matter, just so long as you are consistent.  If you always measure without tension, then always do that.

Remember, if you can't be perfect, be consistent!

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