Thursday, January 12, 2012


I know this looks rather a jumble but there is method to my madness.

Although I still have not had the A Good Yarn one day workshops confirmed at Sarasota and Asheville, doing the prep work is going to be time consuming so I figured I'd better get started on it.  I'm winding a whole lot of skeins and my neck isn't best pleased if I do too much of that all at one go.  On the other hand, I can't use my work table for anything else until I get the winding done, so I do feel somewhat under the gun to get it finished and cleared away.

Normally I bring the box of cones, balls and tubes with me but with so many topics, such great distances to travel and airlines being the way they are with limiting luggage and weight, I decided to wind off small skeins - two of each fibre for the two workshops.  This will give the participants some options as they go through and attempt to identify the yarns during the hands on part of the workshop.  They can then cut up one of the skeins and everyone can have a sample of the yarns for their notebooks.

With so much photocopying to be done I'm thinking of just taking all the master copies to Staples and getting them to run the copies rather than me stand over my photocopy machine breathing in the toner fumes.  :)

And if the classes don't 'go', the skeins/handouts will be ready for the next time I do this topic.

The place mat warp is nearly done - 3 more mats to weave, I think - the next mat warp is wound and I need to get back to the AVL as I want to have some of the towels I wove cut off so they can be wet finished on Saturday and pressed on Sunday.  Not to mention the editing that still needs to be done.  For that, though, I need to be in the right mood and lately my distractibility has been a little too high.  Editing requires that I be able to focus and concentrate. 

And of course, with company coming next month, I really, seriously, need to get my house tidied so that they will have a bed to sleep in and a place to sit in the living room!


Kerstin på Spinnhuset said...

It's OK - we are both good at taming and feeding dust bunnies (as you know...:-D

Laura said...

It isn't the dust bunnies (dust buffalo?) it's the piles of stuff currently stored on the bed and the love seat/arm chair.... :)


wonderous woolerie said...

I have guest bed which is always under layers and layers of .... Fibre, yarn whatever, and I have invented a new persona for myself, when company is coming for a little while I pretend to be an archeologist, excavating or unearthing unmentionable treasures, it mostly works :-) at least I always find the bed but not necessarily the chair.

Laura said...

Glad I'm not the only one that uses the archeological method. :)