Friday, January 13, 2012

On Relaxing

The Yarn Harlot did a post today on 'relaxing'.  Her point is that so many people believe that 'relaxing' is sitting doing nothing while she believes (as do I) that 'relaxing' is when you are doing something you love.

One of the things that drew me to weaving was the fact that it was amazingly physical, especially weaving on a production basis.  I've mentioned before how well intentioned people, knowing nothing about weaving except their romantic notion of what a weaver does, would urge me to attend an aerobics class.  Upon which I would giggle somewhat hysterically and explain that I already did about 5 hours of aerobic activity a day.  To raised eyebrows and unvoiced (usually) skepticism. 

I've also mentioned elsewhere that my retirement plan is to keep on weaving.  Why would I 'retire' from something that I love to do?  How many people, after all, can't wait for 'retirement' in order to pursue their love - weaving?

Weaving is also a form of working meditation for me.  When I don't weave for an extended period of time I get rather un-relaxed.  When I travel I usually pack a stack of hand hemming at the very least.  When I drive somewhere I usually bring a bag of knitting to occupy my hands in the evenings as well.  You never know when the hemming might get finished and there I'd be - nothing to do with my hands!

One friend calls my knitting, fringe twisting, hemming, 'creative fidgiting'.  I have to agree with that.  Another friend calls weaving my 'happy place', and I have to agree with that, too.

I've just spent a half hour getting the loom re-adjusted for the next towel and woven one (pictured above).  While I am now taking a rest break, it's not what I would call 'relaxing'.  I've just had a half hour of that.  :)


Cyndi in BC said...

I always call my knitting my meditation in motion. :)

Sandra Rude said...

Ooooh, yeah! Right on all counts.

Somebody came into my studio, looked at my weaving, and said "My, there's a lot of work in that!" The only possible reply is "It isn't work if it's what you love to do."

Like you, I get tense when I have to be away from the loom for any period of time, and however long the time is, there HAS to be some kind of handwork to relax with.

wonderous woolerie said...

Well said, it is .... a way of living, a way of being =-)

Martha said...

You are so right again - while I love the work I've done for my life, I look forward to the day when I can focus my creativity on my weaving, knitting and quilting!

Anonymous said...

I love the way the color moves in and out on that towel.

Lillemor Elfgren said...

I completely agree!

trish said...

The weaving you have shown above is gorgeous - can you tell me what it is? I love the pattern and shimmer. If I missed that info...oops. Thanks!
Weaving for me is meditation in motion for sure. And if I start getting a bit cranky sure enough I probably haven't woven for a few days due to busyness. Glad to know I'm not alone:)

Laura said...

It's a straight draw over 16 shafts and 1:3-3:1 twill blocks in a zig-zag. :)