Thursday, March 7, 2013

And Away We Go...

The shorter of the two warps going onto the loom using my trusty warping valet

Beginning to weave - weft here is Bambu 7 Wine.  The warp was threaded in a straight draw and is being woven in a point progression.  The weft is actually somewhat darker in life than shows in the photo.

Too anxious to wait until the towel warp was finished I dressed the loom with the 9 meter long warp this morning.  (For the curious minded, it took about 75 minutes to rough sley, beam, thread, sley, lash on and get to this point in the weaving.)

I will be trying three different wefts to see which quality of cloth I like the best - Bambu 7, 2/8 Tencel and Bambu 12.  The first two will likely be twills, the Bambu 12 a plain weave.  And yes, I'm doing full sized 'samples'!  

Once again the universe has brought me the lesson of patience.  The other day I moaned about not hearing back from the job interview.  A few minutes ago I downloaded my email with a message saying that I'd been chosen.  No further information than that - just enough to know that I'm on the list and I'm sure more information will be coming shortly.

This is a 'part time' position so I'm sure there are all sorts of details to work out plus I need to go to the institution for some training at some point.

And I have also heard that the towels are being photographed for Handwoven today.  Still no guarantee they will make it in.  The issue will need to be assessed by the content committee (as I understand it) for whether or not they fit nicely with the theme and the other articles/projects under consideration, but still - some nice positive news today.  

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Anonymous said...

Red, love the red...Laura you are outdoing yourself.

Rhonda from Baddeck said...

Congratulations on your good news! Working part-time elsewhere, your schedule is going get very "interesting."

Pretty scarf - love the color. But I don't understand how you get all the different 'patterns' if it's threaded using a straight draw.

Laura Fry said...

The dyer is outstanding. :)

Rhonda, the patterns come from a colour and weave effect. Although the weave structure is a twill, the way the colours advance and recede makes it look way more 'interesting'. :)