Wednesday, March 13, 2013


Nearly done the third sample for A Good Yarn:  Linen and Hemp.  I ran out of bobbins just two bobbins shy of completing the weaving and since they need to 'soak' up some moisture decided to stop for lunch and finish packing the yarn for the trip on Friday.  So close and yet so far!

It is looking good for me to get the bulk of the samples for L&H woven before I leave for Sweden on April 23.  Therefore I will bring as many of them as possible to be cold mangled on Kerstin's big heavy duty mangle which will lighten the physical effort required to do all of the samples to the finished state that I desire for these very dense yarns.  Yes, I could do them by 'hand' but with my shoulder now acting up after my back went 'out' a couple of weeks ago, it seems more sensible to let the equipment do the work rather than make my body do it.

And I should have an announcement to make shortly.  I got the 'job' I applied for but am now awaiting details so that I can share them here.  Hopefully by the time I get home from the trip north.

As for other teaching opportunities, so far I'm only booked for John C. Campbell Folk School next January so I'm not sure what else will come along.  Most regional conferences are held in the 'odd' numbered years and I didn't bother to apply to Convergence for next.  So '14 may be a 'light' year for teaching, or perhaps the new position will rapidly fill my calendar up.

I have found over the years that when my calendar is empty like it is for next year there is usually a reason for it.  Let's hope the reason this time is a happy one.  :)

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Louisa said...

Congrats on getting the new job! Waiting to hear all about it.