Tuesday, March 19, 2013

That Old Magic in the Water

The colours in the photo are not quite 'true' as the greens look more yellow than they really are, but the good news is that the sleying error filled in quite nicely during wet finishing and these towels will not be relegated to 'second' status after all.  :)

When something as simple as getting the cloth good and wet, then agitating it thoroughly will cover up a mistake, what's not to love?

Got home yesterday in good time as the weather wasn't as bad as it might have been but I was completely shattered and did not accomplish a single productive thing last night.  Today I've managed to do my bank deposit, pay some bills, check the post office for the yarn for the painted warps (not arrived yet), drop books off at the library and pick up some more and have lunch.  And that's about it.  So far.  But the day isn't over yet and I'm hoping to get the next linen warp for AGY:L&H into the small loom this afternoon.  Tonight I'll head for the guild room for drop in and see if I can't get the fringe on one or two of those painted warp 'sample scarves' done because I'd really like to see how they develop after their magical journey through the water and hard press.

And one of these days I really have to get at that short 'article' I've promised...deadline is March 25.  My how time flies!!!

Currently reading the Tintern Treasure by Kate Sedley


Sandra Rude said...

The weave structure and the color stripes really play well together!

Laura Fry said...

They were a stretch for me because they are not colours I'm really comfortable using. ;) but I think they turned out well. And there is always something new to explore and learn.