Thursday, March 21, 2013

Procrastination Pool

Proof that I do actually weave once in a while?  Or just that I don't vacuum nearly often enough?  

Had to change the tie up from the last A Good Yarn sample so down on the floor I went.

This sample is a bit challenging to weave because you can't see the pattern while sitting at the loom.  If you click on this photo you might be able to just see the undulating twill that is resulting from the advancing twill I threaded yesterday.  The samples are separated by plain weave for 'hems' woven with a finer singles linen.  The twill body is drawing in more than the plain weave so the hems will flare slightly after wet finishing but if you can't be consistent.

In spite of the lovely sunny day I found myself wallowing for a rather long time in the pool of procrastination but I finally managed to get myself to the loom.  Once I did I managed a yard in relatively short order given the 16 pick treadling repeat and having to unweave a few times.

Now it's time to tackle a few of the other things on my to-be-done-sooner-rather-than-later job list.

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Sandra Rude said...

Nice weave! It'll make beautiful towels.