Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Time and Tide...

...wait for no (wo)man.

the end of one towel (on the bottom) in green with the hem showing and the beginning of the next (on top) in 25% brown Fox Fibre colour grown cotton - the line of darker colour is shadow from the weaving on the top

Bucket of linen yarns, some of which will be used for A Good Yarn:  Linen and Hemp.  The spools to the right are 16/2 natural linen (from Ireland if memory serves - I would have to check the price list to be sure).

Now that I am coming out of the fug of pain I am hyper aware of the fact that time marches on and the tide waits for no one.  :(  I 'lost' almost a week of my time which was short enough to begin with so I'm trying very hard to not panic.

The workshop for Fort St. John is as ready as it can be - I just have to wait and see what the weather will hold for me as I drive through the Rocky Mountains there and back again.  Unfortunately, spring brings 'variable' weather patterns and the Pine Pass can be a challenge.  But I will just have to wait and see for that.  Mother Nature will do what Mother Nature does and humans just have to cope!

With my back 'out', my neck and right shoulder went into sympathetic spasm, so now although my back is almost back to normal, my right shoulder is paining me, too.  At least it should ease up soon - hopefully all in time for the long drive (about 7 hours, depending on weather) each way.

We applied for a booth at Olds Fibre Week in June but are on the waiting list.  If we do get a booth Doug will be there by himself as I will be teaching at ANWG in Bellingham.  Or at least I hope so - won't hear back from them for a few weeks yet if my seminars are a 'go' or not.

I still haven't heard anything back from the job interview I had 5+ weeks ago so I'm assuming I didn't get chosen.  I just wish prospective employers would have the courtesy to get back to the interviewee yay or nay.  Or at least say when they will be selecting the person so that you know when to stop hoping. :(  Silly me forgot to ask during the interview and there has been no response to my email asking.

It has been a bit of a surprise to me how much I've enjoying doing the A Good Yarn series.  By scaling back on the number of copies the work and stress levels are much less.  Less expense, less time involved, fewer copies to try and sell.

Once I've finished AGY:Silk I may very well carry on doing similar publications but with either a product or a weave structure theme.  Either would work.  Who knows, maybe I'll do some of each?  :^)

My trip to Sweden and England is fixed - I now have tickets in hand.  Life may get complicated for my friend, but I'm hoping that if it does I can be there with her to  help in any way I can.  The only obligation I have is to be in Scotland May 4 - once that one day workshop is done we can return immediately to Sweden if necessary or just mosey about England until it is time to return for my flight home.

I'm still waiting to hear from Handwoven - if they have accepted the towels for the May/June issue.   Plus the two test warps should be here any day from the dyer.

Seems like I've been doing a lot of waiting lately.  More lessons in patience?


Sandra Rude said...

Life is just *full* of those lessons, isn't it? I hope the back and shoulder, etc., cooperate in time for your long drive. Love the towels!

Laura Fry said...

Hope you are getting over your jet lag. The trip sounded fantastic. :)


charlotte said...

I wish you good luck with the long drive, I hope the roads are in a good shape and cleared of snow and ice (or that you have good winter tires!)