Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Another Job List

With so many deadlines looming (pun definitely intended!) I decided I'd better get myself on a more productive track and the way to do that was to make an obtainable (hopefully!) list of tasks to accomplish each day.

I'm pleased to say that I actually achieved completion of yesterday's to-be-done list, and even a tiny bit more.  I did not list fringe twisting and managed to finish one scarf and begin the last one, as well as get the AVL ready to begin threading.  Because that job is on today's list.

Today is a 'short' day because Tuesday evenings I go to the guild drop in.  Not sure what I will bring to work on there, although the fringe twisting does not end with the last of the painted warp scarves - I still have more shawls to be done - so probably I'll bring some of that.

As for today I will be sending the above photo to ANWG for the Instructors Exhibit called Bordering on Magnificence.  I'm not sure the above shawl qualifies, but it's very red and has an undulating design - an effect I particularly enjoy in woven cloth - so it should be visually dynamic if nothing else.

At any rate, with a 'short' day (made shorter by sleeping in and dealing with some more administrivia that arose over the course of the day yesterday), the job list today just has two items on it:

Wind 5 warps
Thread all 1280 ends of the cottolin warp

Since the threading sequence is very simple, I'm not anticipating any particular problems - if I just get stuck into the loom, find my round tuit, and do it.

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Anonymous said...

The red is just beautiful! You have a lot on your plate, take care of yourself.

charlotte said...

The red is lovely! And I like the pun about deadlines looming. There's a lot of red here as well, meaning 40 metres of comissioned folk costume fabric. I'll blog about that later.
Happy Easter!