Saturday, March 2, 2013


A certain amount of chaos abounds in the studio today.  I've been getting the workshop materials ready for the Magic in the Water workshop in Langley, BC in early April.

I really wish I could be more 'organized' but when there isn't enough room to have everything nice and neat and tidy on shelves, you have to make do with bins.  Bins partially filled, completely filled, stacked helter skelter in out of the way corners (if you can find any).

On the table is the cotton/hemp weft for the AGY sample I just finished weaving.  Now to find a home for it, away from the cottolin which it closely resembles.

Cones of wool and/or mohair loop, now in bags for the workshop or put away on a shelf.  Stacks of papers for handouts.  Binders with the master copies of the drafts, etc.

Under and in front of the table - the box of Jagger Spun for the workshop and bins of mostly 2/8 cotton which I've slowly been using up for kitchen towels on the left.  On the right is a bin of samples for teaching with another bin on top of bits and pieces of soy protein yarn - too much to throw away, too little to use for weaving - so I've been using that up in my good cause scarves.

And that is just one little part of my crowded over-full studio.

Did I mention I just put in a huge order of yarn?  Uh-huh.  And where it will go I have no idea.  Guess I'd better hurry up and get weaving!  I'm going to need to work on stash reduction and inventory increase very soon...

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charlotte said...

There's never enough space and I always have to buy new yarn, to supplement, for instance if the color I need is missing. I've got a lot of yarn in bins as well and in cardboard boxes.
Cheers, Charlotte