Sunday, March 3, 2013

Sunny Day

What a difference a little sun can make!  Not to mention that the slow recovery from my out-of-whack back has made significant progress.  :)

I got started on the towels using the Fox Fibre colour grown organic cotton this morning.  The colour difference at this point is minimal, but this is the 50% coloured cotton and it should darken quite a bit in the wet finishing making this cloth a lot more visually interesting.

The underside of the cloth because the design shows up better in the 'shadow' of the upper layer.

You can just (possibly?) make out the pattern and the bit of hem at the end.  The hem won't actually be visible on the right side of the towel as it will be folded under.

And today I am heading off to lace again.  I started this very simple Torchon bookmark last Sunday and hope to finish it off today.  We are going to do a lace-along with a much more difficult pattern.  We're hoping that our collective intellect will assist us in tackling a much more challenging design.  Between the three of us, we've had more than enough physical and emotional challenges the last few years but we're feeling like we need to up the ante, so to speak.  

Between our respective travel schedules we haven't been able to meet as often as we'd like and this year seems to be following a similar path.  But what the heck.  We might as well travel while we can, right?  :)


Anne said...

Just wait until you wash that FoxFibre. You will be amazed.

Laura Fry said...

Hi Anne, I've used it before so I know what to expect. It's such a delight seeing the colour change. :)

charlotte said...

The towels are very lovely :-)